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Students in our lab can be in any of the following Indiana University degree programs, some of which can be taken as double majors. Contact us if you are interested in studying the development of vision and if you would like to apply to any of these programs.

If you would like to visit the Visual Development Lab or learn more about it, please contact Dr. Rowan Candy or Stephanie Biehn. Beyond conducting your own projects in the lab, there are opportunities to learn about clinical aspects of normal and abnormal visual development in the School of Optometry’s clinics in Bloomington and Indianapolis and about more general developmental questions as a part of either the developmental group in psychology or the neuroscience program at IU.

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Additional research experience

Please contact Dr. Candy for more information about post-doctoral or undergraduate research opportunities in the lab.

Lab Phone number: 812-855-4959
Lab Email Account: [email protected]