Things to Look Out for in Kids Vision


Any young infant or child who appears to have any of the following may well need an eye examination.

  • An eye that does not look well aligned with the other. (If the infant is younger than 3 months and the misalignment only happens for a few seconds per day, this can be normal. If the infant is older than 3 months and has evidence of misalignment, they should have an eye examination)
  • One pupil looking white or bright relative to the other in the red eye reflex of a flash photograph (when the child is looking straight ahead).
  • Better vision in one eye than the other when playing ‘peekaboo’ or a similar game.
  • An infant who does not look at objects in the distance or small objects by 5 months of age.
  • A red or infected looking eye.
  • Excessive blinking or watering of an eye.

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